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Remote Ocean Sensing

Shore based Ocean Radar for ranges of more than 300 km.

Modular system with flexibility to enable set-up in Compact or Array Type Antenna configurations.

This enables us to find the best radar configuration for your specific application !

HELZEL is ISO 9001 Quality certified and WERA is FCC and RED approved

Best suitable for

ocean surface currents

Wave Mapping

Tsunami Detection

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Ocean Surface Currents

Ocean currents are the primary product of the WERA systems. Due to the high quality and robustness of the WERA system, the data availability is typically >90%. The data are quality checked in real time and provide reliable current velocity maps and time series. This makes the WERA current data perfectly suited for data assimilation into numerical models improving the derived forecasts.

Wave Data

Maps of significant wave height are available for about 40 % of the radar range. Within the overlapping coverage of two WERA stations directional wave data are accessible. In addition to that full directional wave spectra are available for individual grid cells. We recommend using at least 12 receive antennas to get good wave data.

Tsunami Detection

The WERA system can detect the ocean current signature generated by an approaching Tsunami as soon as it reaches the continental shelf. The WERA TSU software carries out the signal analysis in real time on-site and provides Tsunami-Probability, displayed as map and time series. This can be used as support for decision making at the national early warning center.

Highlights of WERA

  •   Configurable for short or long ranges with fine or coarse resolution
  •   Small antenna systems reducing visual impact
  •   Highest temporal resolution (short integration time due to software beam forming)
  •   Maps of surface current, waves and wind direction
  •   Prediction of current drift, supporting search and rescue operations
  •   Tsunami Detection feature with display of Tsunami-Probability
  •   Data quality control and plausibility check for each data pixel in real-time
  •   Open data interfaces for various applications

Unique Technical Features

  • Unique software beam forming with self-calibration feature, no antenna calibration required
  • Highest data availability based on reliable techniques and best quality
  • Made in Germany, ISO 9001 certified, RED and FCC approved
  • User friendly data interface with options for archiving and data export in various formats
  • Real time quality control for each data cell
  • 100 % remote controlled with automatic system and antenna tests
  • Frequency management and frequency band sharing features


Data Availability in Remote Ocean Sensing

Due to the high quality standard and the robust shore based antenna systems in combination with a very effective interference suppression system, WERA provides an outstanding reliability and highest data availability. A pair of WERA systems operated for RWS of The Netherlands has provided continuously since 2015 data availability of  more than 98 %.

Specification-Sheets WERA

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Tsunami Detection

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WERA Long Range

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WERA Medium Range

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WERA Dual Frequency

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