Radar-Systems // Overview

High Frequency Radar

for Oceanographic Applications
and Ship Tracking

Our OTHR and WERA systems are highly flexible and can be optimised according to your specific requirements. We offer compact and array type antenna systems, multi frequency antennas and active antennas to reduce the visual impact.

The radar core system can be adapted to any operating frequency in the HF and lower VHF band, see below, which different types of configuration we offer.

Overview of Hardware Configurations

Helzel OTHR for ship detection and tracking


  • Vessel tracking up to 200 nautical miles to protect the EEZ
  • Multi frequency options enhancing the probability of detection
  • Frequency management incl. frequency hopping
MIMO options to get high resolution with shorter arrays
  • Multi sensor tracker implemented at site
Suspicious target identification

WERA for long ranges >300km
ITU frequencies band 4.4, 5.2 and 9.3MHz


  • Current measurements for ranges up to 300km
  • Wave measurements of Hs >1m for ranges of up to 100km
  • Perfectly suited for long range current measurements
  • Typical range resolution of 3km
  • The quality checked data from a single station can be used for assimilation into models
Suitable for Tsunami detection

WERA Long Range

[requires email for download]

WERA for short & medium ranges
ITU bands 13.5, 16.1, 24.5 and 26.3MHz


  • Perfectly suited for high resolution current measurements up to 110km
  • Wave measurements for Hs >0.5m for ranges of up to 50km
  • Typical range resolution of 1 to 1.5km
  • The quality checked data from a single station can be used for assimilation into models
Best suited for Tsunami detection
  • Small antennas and short array support mobile applications

WERA Medium Range

[requires email for download]

High resolution VHF WERA
ITU bands 39.2, 41.4, 42.2 and 43.5MHz


  • Typical range resolution of 300m
  • Best for highest resolution current measurements up to 25km
  • Wave measurements for Hs >0.2m for ranges of up to 10km
  • These systems use very small antennas and short arrays
  • Best suited for mobile applications


[requires email for download]

Tsunami Warning System
for ranges up to 200km                          


  • Each single WERA system can be used for Tsunami Detection
  • The array type antenna systems  ensure high performance and reliability
  • The fast real time processing on-site calculates the actual Tsunami probability
  • The detection range need to be adapted to the distance of the continental shelf edge
  • Best suited for 9 to 26MHz systems

Tsunami Detection

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Dual Frequency WERA


  • Two adjacent frequency bands can be used with a single receive antenna array
  • The operation in a time sharing mode can operate alternating or on demand
  • Getting best data at various sea states
  • Provide longer ranges for current measurements and higher resolution for shorter ranges
  • Increases the sensitivity for smaller waveheights for shorter ranges

WERA Dual Frequency

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Note: For more information, please check out our brochures and detailed specification sheets or contact our team.

Worldwide Installations

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