Ship Tracking / Navy

The high-frequency over-the-horizon radar OTHR technology is well suited to protect the exclusive economic zone (EEZ). The unique beam-forming software of our OTHR system is the key component for the ship detection and tracking application to identify fishing pirates or smugglers far behind the horizon.

The low-noise non-interrupted FMcw mode of operation provides the best range/transmit-power performance on the OTHR market. This allows the operation with quite low power levels to get a range of up to 200 nautical miles.

The flexible data interface allows to use the provided ship tracks in multi-sensor networks.

In addition to that the OTHR data can be used for environmental protection applications, SAR or Tsunami Detection in parallel, making it a real dual use system.

Recommended Hardware Configurations 

for Ship Tracking / Navy

Helzel OTHR for ship detection and tracking


  • Vessel tracking up to 200 nautical miles to protect the EEZ
  • Multi frequency options enhancing the probability of detection
  • Frequency management incl. frequency hopping
MIMO options to get high resolution with shorter arrays
  • Multi sensor tracker implemented at site
Suspicious target identification

WERA for long ranges >300km
ITU frequencies band 4.4, 5.2 and 9.3MHz


  • Current measurements for ranges up to 300km
  • Wave measurements of Hs >1m for ranges of up to 100km
  • Perfectly suited for long range current measurements
  • Typical range resolution of 3km
  • The quality checked data from a single station can be used for assimilation into models
Suitable for Tsunami detection

WERA Long Range

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Tsunami Warning System
for ranges up to 200km                          


  • Each single WERA system can be used for Tsunami Detection
  • The array type antenna systems  ensure high performance and reliability
  • The fast real time processing on-site calculates the actual Tsunami probability
  • The detection range need to be adapted to the distance of the continental shelf edge
  • Best suited for 9 to 26MHz systems

Tsunami Detection

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