Search and

Rescue (SAR)

The real time observations by HF-radar can contribute to get more reliable information on ocean surface currents and waves to support Search and Rescue.

The quality checked real time data can be assimilated into hydrodynamic models and existing prediction systems. This improves the reliability of the drift prediction. WERA data is very useful for search and rescue operations when used for object or particle tracking to narrow down the search radius for people lost overboard or for lost containers.

WERA can save lives.

Recommended Hardware Configurations 

for Search & Rescue

WERA for long ranges >300km
ITU frequencies band 4.4, 5.2 and 9.3MHz


  • Current measurements for ranges up to 300km
  • Wave measurements of Hs >1m for ranges of up to 100km
  • Perfectly suited for long range current measurements
  • Typical range resolution of 3km
  • The quality checked data from a single station can be used for assimilation into models
Suitable for Tsunami detection

WERA Long Range

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WERA for short & medium ranges
ITU bands 13.5, 16.1, 24.5 and 26.3MHz


  • Perfectly suited for high resolution current measurements up to 110km
  • Wave measurements for Hs >0.5m for ranges of up to 50km
  • Typical range resolution of 1 to 1.5km
  • The quality checked data from a single station can be used for assimilation into models
Best suited for Tsunami detection
  • Small antennas and short array support mobile applications

WERA Medium Range

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Dual Frequency WERA


  • Two adjacent frequency bands can be used with a single receive antenna array
  • The operation in a time sharing mode can operate alternating or on demand
  • Getting best data at various sea states
  • Provide longer ranges for current measurements and higher resolution for shorter ranges
  • Increases the sensitivity for smaller waveheights for shorter ranges

WERA Dual Frequency

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